Art Classes & Workshops

NOTE: Dates shown are the date of the first class meeting. Classes & workshops may multiple meetings days and times, see class description for details.

We recommend completing Watercolor Basics 1 & 2 before taking any other watercolor course. This will help you learn and practice the fundamentals techniques. If Watercolor Basics 1 & 2 are not currently offered, we can do private instruction.

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This session is for beginning watercolor student or those who are returning to watercolor and want a refresher.

Classes will focus on helping students:

  • Learn paint/water ratios
  • Practice mixing colors, washes and blends
  • Introduction to basic color theory
  • Learn about watercolor brushes, paint & paper quality, paper and other tools

Classes recorded to watch later. Each week students will be given an “assignment” or a painting project to do on their own to help reinforce and build their skills.

Instructor will provide “office hours” that students can schedule a 30-minute one-on-one session to ask questions, review progress, and get feedback.


No of classes: 4
Class Dates: Feb 9, 16, 23, Mar 2
Live classes: 1 hr online
Instructor: Roberta K

For information on materials, download the the Watercolor Supplies handout.

Recommended Materials List:
  • Medium size watercolor block or pad – Cold Press 140 lb. 100% cotton
  • Paper towels or soft cotton towel
  • Pencil
  • Kneaded eraser
  • 2 large plastic containers for water – 16 oz. containers
  • Flat brush – 3/4″ (nylon)
  • Round watercolor brushes – #4, #8,  #12
  • Watercolor Palette or large flat plate – large plastic palette, with large enough wells to mix pools of paint
  • Roll of blue painter’s tape (optional to tape down paper)

Watercolor Paint: (Recommend Artist Grade paint which has more pigment but is more expensive; Student Grade paint is less expensive and is also acceptable if price is an issue)

  1. Lemon Yellow
  2. Cadmium Yellow
  3. Cadmium Red Medium
  4. Alizarin Crimson
  5. Cobalt Blue
  6. Cerulean Blue
  7. Hooker’s Green Deep or Deep Sap Green
  8. Sap Green
  9. Yellow Ochre or Raw sienna
  10. Burnt Sienna
  11. Paynes Gray