Art Classes & Workshops

NOTE: Dates shown are the date of the first class meeting. Classes & workshops may multiple meetings days and times, see class description for details.

We recommend completing Watercolor Basics 1 & 2 before taking any other watercolor course. This will help you learn and practice the fundamentals techniques. If Watercolor Basics 1 & 2 are not currently offered, we can do private instruction.

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Make your holiday cards unique and personal. We will create simple “artistic” holiday cards using ink and watercolor. A number of different designs will be provided that you can use tor create your own.


No of classes: 3
Class Dates: Tuesday, Oct 5, 12, 19
Live classes: 1 hr online
Instructor: Roberta K

Recommended Materials List:
  • Watercolor block or pad  5 x 7, or larger can be cut to 5 x 7
  • #2 or #3 Pencil
  • Kneaded eraser
  • 2 large plastic containers for water – 16 oz. containers
  • #4, #8 round brush
  • 3/4” flat or 1″ wash brush
  • Watercolor Palette – large plastic palette, with large enough wells to mix pools of paint
  • Paper towels, Tissues (Kleenex, Puffs, etc.)
  • Roll of blue painter’s tape
  • Waterproof pens: Micron (.o5 or .08), Fine point Sharpies, SuperBlack or other permanent black pens/markers that are water proof
  • Box of blank greeting cards 5 x 7 or smaller
  • Gluestick or matte medium